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Living the Sri Lanka Digital Entrepreneur Dream.

Thank you for visiting my website, I am not a millionaire nor working as a slave to achieve somebody else’s dream, I dictate my life, and I choose whom or what to work on. I have been a digital entrepreneur for more than five years, and I love what I do.

Featured on BCS

I am a proud member of BCS Sri Lanka, and I love to support and encourage fellow ICT professionals to achieve their career goals through digital solutions. I also honored & proud to be featured on BCS Sri Lanka.
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My Education

If you’re interested in finding out my education qualifications up to completing my Master’s degree in the University of Greenwich with distinction, then visit my educations page by using the below button.

My Projects

Follow my career, current companies I am part of it & projects I am working on it. It will contain both commercial and personal projects of mine. Please note projects under development are kept as a surprise.
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News and Updates

Find the latest and newest updates from Alston Antony on my personal and business life. Occasionally I will also share articles on digital marketing and also business developement.

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