Alston’s Web Apps to Solve Problems

Alston Antony is digital entrepreneur who teaches easy to learn digital marketing education for small businesses. When he is working on main focus he use his software development skills to create apps to help business and personal problems.

Whether it’s converting files, solving equations, or calculating complex problems, I am dedicated to making these tasks simple and accessible for everyone.

I create free apps to solve simple to complex apps. However if you need custom app then contact me and I can develop it for you.

Apps List

Apps I Build

Business Apps

Tools for budgeting, business calculations, or tax estimations.

Productivity Apps

Applications that help in time management, scheduling, or task tracking.

Health Apps

Tools for tracking fitness goals, calorie intake, or meditation guides.

Educational Apps

Interactive learning tools, language translators, or scientific calculators.

Travel Apps

Tools for route planning, currency conversion, or travel itineraries.

Text Apps

Simple applications for statistical text, textual data, or surveys.

Cooking Apps

Recipe finders, meal planners, or nutritional information calculators.

Fun Apps

Fun tools like movie recommenders, music playlist creators, or online games.