Our Digital Entrepreneurs & SaaS Community’s Focus and Vision

We are close to reaching 5K members so I decided to share the updated focus and vision with members.

So far the focus and vision is well received from members. https://www.facebook.com/groups/alstonantony/posts/657770055106204/

Here is the post content in case if you are not part of the community.

SUMMARY: Education focused on SaaS & digital marketing for entrepreneurs, great deals from anywhere, no plan on exclusive launches, users can request any help and discussions without censorship.


I get many outreach messages asking whether I can launch their deal, but I don’t wish to because of several reasons, such as

  1. I have no interest in becoming a deal network
  2. There are so many deal networks already in the market, and they have the best at what they do
  3. I want this group to be just an education and discussion group.So if you are a founder who wants to launch LTD, I request you to check out SaaSLaunchPad, SaaSWiz, DigitalThink, Appsumo, Dealify, LTDF, Martech, Ken group, DownloadSilo, DealMirror, Pitchground, ByPeople, Dealfuel, Stacksocial, and more.


Since this group will focus on education, there is no trading or reselling SaaS posts are allowed. Existing members already know about this, but I am writing this for the benefit of new members.

There are so many good groups that are only focused on trading lifetime deals, and in this type of group, the reseller will keep on posting their collection frequently to let other users know what they have.

You can find these groups by searching “lifetime deal trading” on FB. One group I am part of and recommend is “BringAgain,” a unique community that offers users to sell and buy at cost or lower price.


This is something I came out with as a solution. There are so many marketplace deals in Appsumo. I get many outreach requests from founders to create a self-promotion thread on the group.

Moving forward, I will check the deal for basic vetting, and if it’s passed, I will request a couple of LTD codes from the founder and give it away at random for our community members.

These self-promotion threads will contain hashtags #SELFPROMOTION#ADIMINAPPROVED.

It will identify the poster as someone from the SaaS team, and the post can’t have an affiliate link; instead, their message and a direct link to their deal.


I do not want to share all the deals that come into the market since I do not want the group to be entirely focused on LTDs or will not have the time to make a video review for all the LTDs.

So moving forward, I will select lifetime deals that I think are worth looking into, in my opinion.Most of the time, I will skip videos for bad deals unless it’s top requested in poll.

If you want to see all the lifetime deals come to market, you can visit https://saaspirate.com/, which is entirely managed by my brother, and he posts all the lifetime deals and discounts there.

I will share any good deals I think are worth looking into from any platform, including affiliated platforms and non-affiliated platforms. All of these deals will have both affiliate and non-affiliate links for you to decide to support me or not.

In case if I am not an affiliate, then just direct link.I want to emphasize these platforms specifically, too:

  1. Pitchground – I know there are so many controversies with past buyers and affiliates. Still, for me, I don’t care about the affiliate side because my plan is to become an educated oriented and SaaS guy, so for me, the SaaS is essential, and the current collection looks like Appsumo marketplace where there is a mix of tools both average tools and some really good SaaS where I won’t ignore because those are great deals. Even today, I purchased PageMaker since I like what they are doing with it and see if it’s a good fit for me. As members, you feel free to ask me any review you want to see.
  2. Appsumo Marketplace – There are over 1000s of SaaS products, and over 90% of them are junk, and I am not an affiliate currently testing temp theory regarding affiliates, so even if they ban me. If members or I spot a gem, I will look into that deal and make a quick overview video even if I don’t earn anything. Also, since there are many deals, I will try to make a compilation video every week where I highlight few gems and create polls to ask your suggestions on what to take a look.
  3. LTDF & Martech – These are the most significant LTD-oriented communities that do launches, and most of us got into FB LTD space because of them. I genuinely respect both of these communities, and they do exclusive launches of LTDs occasionally, and it’s always very high quality like recent artboard studio or postx. They don’t do any affiliate, but their launches will be good, so I will always make sure to share these deals in our group, too (I know some of you guys are banned from these communities, so that I will keep you guys updated on deal launches), and if the SaaS falls into my experience zone then will get trial and create a video for it.
  4. Apart from that, other LTD platforms such as SaaSLaunchPad, SaaSWiz, DigitalThink, Appsumo Select, Dealify, DealMirror ByPeople, Dealfuel, Stacksocial, and more. If I spot any good LTDs, there also will try to highlight and create videos.

Since I share deals according to my view, sometimes I might be biased or missed something great, so as users, you feel to share any deals and ask other member’s opinions about them.

Just a small request, please use the search bar and see if a deal discussion already exists, and if it is, you can use it rather than create another duplicate thread.


This is an important point I wanted to emphasize. My vision for this group is not just a lifetime deals group, but 50% focused on LTDs and 50% on guides and education.

This is the reason I do not want to launch my own LTD. I want to focus on education and teaching, which has been a passion for me and to do something to be proud of.

Existing members already know this, but for new members, I am planning to teach all the necessary digital marketing and management skills for entrepreneurs and SMBS.

Like anything from domains & hosting, setting & managing a blog with WP, SEO, growth hacking tips, etc.Already started this journey wherein udemy already has over 7k students in YouTube over 1k subs.

I will keep on building these educational resources from my point of view where making education easy and using affordable, reliable solutions from my experience.

Not only general education, but I will also focus on how to use the LTDs you have purchased for these digital marketing and grow your business.

That way, I can support founders and also users of the product.As my time permits with my business and family, I will dedicate as much time as possible to these.


We started in 2019, and it has been a crazy and challenging journey, but I am proud of the community we have created.I know that I must have offended or hurt someone during that process or with this vision, and if you are one of them, I want to apologize.

For everyone who has supported me from the start and stuck with me, I want to thank you wholeheartedly because you guys are making a nobody Sri Lankan guy work towards the dream and passion, and without you guys, nothing would be possible!

For me, it’s simple I have one life, and I do not know whether I will live tomorrow, so I am going to make this day best as possible.

Let’s help each other however we can to create better business, life, and a better community.

Thank You and if you want to be part of our community join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/alstonantony