Launch of My SaaS Judgement Podcast

Today I am excited to share the news of my first podcast show.

It’s called SaaS Judgement.

I will cover topic such as:

  • SaaS Reviews
  • SaaS Talks
  • SaaS comparisons
  • SaaS interviews
  • Interesting stuff on SaaS

SaaS (Software as Service) is an essential part of an entrepreneur workflow. SaaS Judgement is focused on sharing the best & worst of SaaS. Our episodes will showcase SaaS marketing, SaaS insights, SaaS founder interviews, SaaS talks, SaaS reviews, SaaS comparisons, and more.

I am Alston, and this is my first podcasting experience, so if you want to experience the SaaS industry professionally and podcast with a lot of mistakes & fumbles  then make sure to tune in. I will help you explore the SaaS world, and you can help me explore the podcasting world.

It has been already downloaded over 572 times.

The reason I decided to create it

This not a digital marketing podcast instead in this I will only focus on SaaS topics such as:

  • It is a new communication channel to my audience.
  • Plan is to offer a additional accessibility for users.
  • Even though recently I started creating short videos but I know some might not be able to watch it fully so with a audio review you can play it in background and work on your stuff.
    I know for some of you may feel that I talk really slowly, the reason is I want to make it able to understand for everyone. You can increase the playback speed accordingly to you here too just like in YouTube.
  • I have made sure to make the podcast available on all the popular places so you can listen from whichever the service you prefer.
  • From now on the review articles I create will include a embed player of audio review I create too.

You can checkout the podcast here:

It’s also available in several other platforms:

Apple Podcast:
Google Podcast:

I hope you guys will enjoy it.