SaaSPirate V2 New Updates & Brand New Design

1. SaaSpirate has got a new design upgrade to make it modern and interactive to you.

2. We reached over 1000+ members on our digital deals FB group. Check out group

3. We have created a separate page in the menu where it will only contain the deals we have created a video review for it.

3. We have removed ratings and reviews for non-tested deals by us in-order not to mislead our audience. (Bage at the top of the post will let you know whether it’s a tested deal or not.)

4. We have updated the post design style to be much more in-depth & easy to navigate. Check out a sample post here

5. We are still updating SaaSpirate on new post style so it might take some time before change appearing everywhere.

FB Group Update

From “SaaS Deals & Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs” to “Alston’s SaaS Deals, Blogging, SEO & Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs”.

Changed the group name to identify our group quickly. Since the group name starts with “Alston,” now all you need to do is type “Alston” in the FB search bar, and it will be easy to identify and not to get confused.

Also, I didn’t just want this group to be filled with affiliate URLs for lifetime deals or other deals only without adding real values.

That’s why now the group will contain lifetime SaaS deals alerts with discussions, My honest reviews on products, honest comparison videos, SaaS founders insights, growth & interviews, Digital Entrepreneurship content, SEO guides, Internet marketing case studies, Blogging guides, eCommerce chat, and more.

The goal is to turn this group into a no BS but value group. I hope you will support my decision.

I already started a path with the creation of ClickTug and live videos within the group, Social learning units, and more to come.

Nothing is possible without you guys, so thank you for staying with me, and you guys are the future of the group.

I will always do what’s best for members.